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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Photos from Hobbiton Set!

I wish I could sit on that bench...in Hobbiton...countryside *sighs dreamily*

See more photos here!!!

Thank you to Heirs of Durin for alerting me to the whereabouts of these photos! (Well, actually, the person running the website didn't tell me...I just got subscribed to updates from the blog...)

P.S. Would anybody like me to do a post on my thoughts of the trailer, step by step?


  1. Great pictures. I can't believe I still have to wait 289 day, 21 hours and 17 minutes untill the movie!

    And yes! I would really like to know your thoughts about the trailer!


  2. :P I know! :(

    Okay!!! I'll have to start working on that post then...it will certainly take a while... :P