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Friday, 16 March 2012

March 15th & 16th News

Middle-earth Madness 2012 – Round 1

Middle-earth Madness officially starts today! We’ve split our field of 32 characters into four divisions: The Rankin/Bass DivisionThe Ralph Bakshi DivisionThe Tolkien Family Division, and The Peter Jackson Division.
Voting in Round 1 will remain open until March 21st at Noon ET. At that point, we’ll calculate the winners and post the next round on March 22nd. Follow after the break for a complete bracket image (download it), and to vote on all of our Round 1 match-ups!

Vote by clicking on the heading.

Updates on The Hobbit pub issue

Since the news of problems for the long standing The Hobbit pub in Southampton surfaced a few days ago, many fans have jumped onboard to support the pub, including a few involved in the current movie production. Stephen Fry pretty much brought the story to everyone’s attention a few days back, and now Sir Ian McKellen is adding his support. You can read his reaction on his Blog.

*Breaking News*

And just as details of this latest news were coming in, reports now appear that might indicate a solution is on the horizon. You can read details at the Daily Echo. They will be updating that blog shortly with reaction from locals, so raise a pint everyone and keep your Hobbity fingers crossed this hiccup is resolved.

A Balrog returns

Last Summer, as a lead up to the release of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition on BluRay, TheOneRing.net was invited to participate in the official BluRay release party. TORn was responsible for facilitating the Costume Contest, with the grand prize being a Free Trip to New Zealand, hosted by WETA. As was reported then, numerous people competed in some truly wonderful costumes, but alas, only one could win, and that was The Balrog Showgirl herself, Nicole Roberts. As hosts, WETA has been documenting her visit with photos and a story, so check it out on their news page.

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