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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Day 12: Episode that scared you the most

For some reason, I've never been that scared by Daleks - well, except for the "Journey's End" two-parter in which I suddenly had an "Oh God no!" moment. Or the Weeping Angels....except for the first bit of "Blink" and the time when I was watching "The Angels Take Manhattan" for the first time and I must have been really tense because when my dad went behind me and grabbed me I screamed like I was being murdered (oh, he was pleased with himself).

The monsters/aliens that scared me have been the more unconventional ones, such as the Flood in "The Waters of Mars" and the creature in "Midnight" (which is, by the way, one of my favourite Doctor Who episodes - so deliciously creepy!). But I think the episode that scared me the most was actually "42", just because it killed me to see the Tenth Doctor in so much pain and in such a desperate situation. Yep, 10 is my Doctor. So back off all you evil things and leave my baby alone. ;D

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