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Sunday, 27 July 2014


Lord of the Rings Online is the ultimate Middle Earth game.

Much has happened since it was first created in  2007. New regions were introduced, including Rohan & Gondor. Awesome elements are added in every update.

Create multiple characters & choose your own names!

Now free-to-play, you too can be a legendary hero. Easy to play, but hard to master. Mount your war-steed and slay your enemies. Travel to the Mines of Moria, brave the fierce cold in Forochel, and make your way through Middle Earth. Fish to catch your dinner, and then cook it up! Become master of a craft, creating your own armour, weapons, and supplies.

Lotro includes:

  • Cosmetic outfits
  • Armour to improve your war standing
  • Leveling up (Level 100 introduced!)
  • Slay your enemies
  • Join a kinship
  • Fight in your fellowship
  • Crafts including cooking, farmer, weapon-smith, and more.
  • Experience all the regions of Middle Earth
  • Complete quests to gain experience and other benefits
  • Finish deeds
  • Choose from 4 races and many classes

Save Middle Earth! PLAY NOW.

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