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Monday, 11 August 2014

Doctor Who Special: Amazing Things + BEST JOKE

First, let's start off with some amazing things you never knew. Probably.

1. When he was 13, David Tennant wrote in a school essay called “Intergalactic Overdose” that he was “convinced” he was “going to play the part of the Doctor on TV”.

2. The Weeping Angels aren’t props – they’re played by actresses in stone costumes who have to stay very, very still.

3. The noise the TARDIS makes was created by rubbing piano strings with a key.

4. Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks in recent series, had to bring along his own analogue voice modulator to create the voice as the BBC couldn’t find a way to replicate their distinctive sound digitally.

5. In an early draft of the very first Doctor Who script, it’s strongly implied that the Doctor is planning to kill future companions Ian and Barbara in order to protect his secret. This was quickly taken out.

Now the really REALLY good one!...


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